The Adventures of Dru & Chy

coverThis is the first in a series of books about Dru, a toy poodle, and Chy, a standard poodle, who become siblings and have lots and lots of adventures.

In Family, Friends, and Fun, Mom introduces Dru to her new baby brother, Chy. Dru is a bit snobbish and perfect in every way, and she finds it difficult to share her mom, her bedroom, and her toys. Chy is a typical little boy who loves to eat, run, and play. He immediately loves his new big sister and tries to learn all the rules and behave responsibly so Dru will be proud of him. After a few tiffs, Chy and Dru learn to love and care for each other.

Chy is also introduced to Dru’s best friend Bitsy Lu who also has a new baby brother. Chy and Cody, also a standard poodle, become best friends and do their best to annoy their older sisters.

When Chy turns one year old, the family goes on vacation to the beautiful Starlight Forest where Chy’s over-exuberance for life keeps getting him into trouble, and Dru’s good sense keeps getting him out of trouble.

Chy wants to explore every inch of the woods and, in doing so, he manages to get swept away by a fast moving river, sprayed by an unfriendly skunk, and hunted by a hungry mountain lion.

Chy also introduces Dru to a whole slew of new friends and villains – a rainbow trout, a pesky raccoon, and a helpful forest ranger and his patrol poodle, Sheba.

No matter what mischief Chy gets them into, the two work together to solve the problem and always return safely to Mom’s loving arms.