The Guardian

Lara Morgan has just passed the bar exam and has been given an opportunity to join a firm that specializes in corporate law.
Before she begins, she decides to visit her grandmother in the beautiful mountain community of Pinewood. As she drives into town, she sees employees of the Fouler Construction company cutting down the magnificent pines, and she hears the sound of the trees screaming in terror.
She queries her grandmother and is informed that Hattie will take care of the problem. Grandma tells her that Hattie is the headless spirit that takes care of the Pinewood forest.
Thus begins the tale of Lara’s search for the truth about Hattie. In the process, she also gets involved in trying to stop the deforestation.
Will she succeed? Stayed tuned for further updates on The Guardian coming your way this winter.

“Poodles About Town” – Coming Soon

Coming soon – Poodles About Town

In the second novel, Dru and Chy will travel around the small town of Evergreen. Here they will meet several service dogs and find out about their individual jobs. When Chy and Cody get lost downtown, they will be helped by Blaze, the Dalmatian from the local fire station. Later on, when a child goes missing, the poodles meet Officer Ryan and his search and rescue shepherd, Xena.